About The Essex Midwife

 I’m Amber, I have been a midwife for 13 years and have worked in a range of maternity settings, but currently I'm working on the labour ward at a local hospital, which is where I love to be. Over the years I have seen maternity care change drastically. From working in the NHS and from being a service user three times over, I was shocked at the minimalist care people were receiving and the lack of personalised care, where women's expectations and needs are not being met. I desperately want this to change and so ‘The Essex Midwife’ was born.

I am a down to earth, approachable, ‘say-it-how-it-is’ person, who wears their heart on their sleeve. For me, having a newborn feels like Christmas day. I love the magic of it, the lack of any routine, and the general chaos. I recognise it isn’t like that for everyone. I have a wealth of knowledge, which equipped me to feel prepared and safe for the roller coaster ride we all go on, when we become new parents. I want to share my knowledge, as a midwife and as a mother to help women and their families have the most positive birth and postnatal experience. This will stay with you for the rest of your life.

What I set out to achieve, is bringing the community back together by providing alternative, modern maternity care. Providing practical evidence-based advice and support. Back in the day Midwives played an integral part in the community, bringing families together by means of support groups and weigh-in clinics, but sadly this is now virtually non existent. 

My antenatal classes are held in a relaxed setting, perfect for socialising and making new friends. Having friends who live locally is invaluable during those early stages of parenthood. The classes will be made up with people with similar due dates to ensure companionship and support from the people that ‘get it’ and are going through similar things. This also comes with the added bonus of a ready made group of friends for your little ones when they arrive.

There will be many opportunities to meet up once your baby has been born, one of which will be an organised reunion, normally around the 12-week mark when the dust has started to settle. The other is my fortnightly postnatal support group. This is held at a local cafe and is free for those who have attended my antenatal classes. At these sessions I will offer my expertise with any feeding issues.

I look forward to meeting you.