What do I learn during antenatal classes?

I am passionate about making you feel informed and empowered about all aspects surrounding your pregnancy, birth, postnatal period and parenthood. How to navigate the maternity system and knowing your choices is integral to how you feel about your birth. Being taught by an expert who works in the system and has been through it personally three times over is second to none. Let me ask you, how do you know what choices you have, if you don't know what is available to you?

The birth of your baby is most likely to be at the forefront of your mind, yet the postnatal period is equally as important and is often a period that gets overlooked in standard antenatal classes. 

Feeling prepared about how to feed your baby and practical parenting tips surrounding newborn care play a fundamental part in easing your transition to parenthood. It is such a special time where you should be enjoying your baby and bonding with them opposed to worrying about all the new obstacles you may come up against. The Essex Midwife’s antenatal class devotes a lot of time to the postnatal period. Infant feeding has a session of its own as does parenting in the early days. 

A paediatrician holds the last session, Meaning you are taught by an expert who knows it best. They cover signs of an unwell baby, common conditions in the first days of life plus practical hands on teaching of baby first aid and much more.

The Essex Midwife’s classes are like no other. They are antenatal classes that don’t just scratch the surface. A complete antenatal package, which is taught by professionals ‘on the job’ providing evidence based information, it is the gold standard of antenatal education.

Below is an outline on what is covered. It is not rigid like other antenatal classes, questions are encouraged throughout so you can draw on my knowledge and expertise, we often go off on tangents to meet the needs of the group. 


– These antenatal classes provide opportunities to meet other soon to be parents

– The classes are held at fantastic locations, allowing yourself and your partner to grab a drink from the bar, relax and learn

Labour, Birth and Baby-care:

– Final stages of pregnancy and getting ready for birth

– Early signs of labour and coping at home

– When to call the midwives/come to the maternity unit

– Coping with labour: natural strategies and different types of pain-relief medication

– Birth partner’s role in labour

– Uncomplicated birth

– Induction of labour

– Instrumental delivery

– Caesarean birth

– Home birth

– Water birth

– What happens immediately after birth

– Going home and the early weeks with your baby/babies

– Practical skills: this birth class includes nappy changing, bathing, umbilical cord care and more…

– How to deal with a crying baby

– How to encourage a good sleeping and feeding pattern

– Postpartum healing 

– How to deal with stitches and sore perineums

– This antenatal class also covers your emotional health

Breastfeeding and bottle feeding:

– Getting started

– Establishing a good milk supply

– Positioning and technique

– Recognising your baby’s/babies feeding cues

– How to encourage a good sleeping and feeding pattern

– How to tell if your baby/babies is/are getting enough milk

– How to manage common breastfeeding problems

– When to seek advice

– Expressing milk

– Bottle and formula feeding

Baby first aid, taught by a paediatric doctor:

– Unlike many parenting classes, my classes include practical sessions, taught by a local paediatric doctor

– Common conditions of the first few days

– How to spot an unwell baby

– Baby first aid if your baby is unconscious, not breathing or choking

– Includes relaxed hands-on practice with resuscitation mannequins


Colchester Antenatal Classes with The Essex Midwife

I am a registered midwife and mum of 3 small children and hold my own antenatal classes in Colchester, with the emphasis on providing fun and practical teaching drawing on the latest evidence-based research. 

Guarantee your place on my antenatal class, for just £150, for 5 evening sessions.

You and your partner will be able to relax, grab a drink, meet other pregnant couples, and learn.

I keep class sizes small and my classes are popular, so booking now is the only way to secure your place.

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