What is the difference in my antenatal classes?

The difference between The Essex Midwife’s antenatal classes and other local classes is that there are no local antenatal courses running that are taught by experts working in the maternity system. Antenatal courses available in this area are taught by ‘antenatal educators’.


The Essex Midwife is a registered midwife with 13 years NHS experience, along with an experienced paediatrician teaching crucial ‘early days’ education relating to your newborn including baby first aid. 


I don't just look at one aspect of birth. Whilst you are sat here reading this you will have your ideal birth for you and your baby already in mind, you know what it looks like. The thing with childbirth is, is that it is unpredictable, there are so many variables. It is the Essex Midwife’s role to educate you on ALL aspects of birth, not to just focus on normality which other big brand antenatal classes are well known for doing.


Current UK statistics state that 1 in 3 women have their labour artificially started and 1 in 7 women will have a caesarean section.  To know your choices in every eventuality is fundamental to feeling in control and having a positive birth experience, whether it be a homebirth, a hospital birth, a caesarean section, or an instrumental delivery, to name a few examples. This is all taught in a fun, non-judgmental way.


Unlike other courses, It is not scripted. The course has a general overview which can be found on my website. We stick to this throughout the course but I encourage lots of question asking, I like to make the course as interactive as possible so that you get as much out of it as possible. By being interactive it gives depth to my teaching by drawing on my knowledge and experience- basically, no stone is left unturned!


In some parts of this area, NHS classes offer four hours of birth preparation taught by antenatal educators. Having taught NHS classes in previous years where I too was given only four hours to do so, I know it is not enough. Maybe it’s because I'm a midwife and I'm bursting with excitement to empower you all with my knowledge and information! 


It is great to prepare for birth, but birth is such a small aspect of your journey. The Essex Midwife is an antenatal education class that doesn’t just scratch the surface. It encompasses so much more. A session devoted to infant feeding, another focussing on transition to parenthood and practical parenting advice not just as a midwife but from a mum of 3 children. Plus a session led by an experienced paediatrician teaching what to expect in the early days, common conditions of a newborn along with life skills of hands on teaching in baby first aid. We believe baby first aid is one of the most important things you can learn as an expectant parent so, unlike most other antenatal courses, we’ve included it for no extra cost. The session covers what to do if your baby is unconscious, not breathing or choking.


The Essex Midwife is a 10 hour course. It runs over a 5 week period and sessions run from 7.30pm-9.30pm. There is so much to teach but this course has been specially designed to empower you and your partner to have a positive birth outcome. Knowledge is power!


If you are still unsure whether to choose The Essex Midwife for your complete antenatal education please take a look at my 5 star reviews.


Colchester Antenatal Classes with The Essex Midwife

I am a registered midwife and mum of 3 small children and hold my own antenatal classes in Colchester, which don't just scratch the surface of what you need to know, with the emphasis on providing fun and practical teaching drawing on the latest evidence-based research. 

My classes are held in great venues so you and your partner can grab a drink from the bar, relax and learn. 

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