What are my Antenatal Class Options in Colchester?

I have been a midwife for 13 years and am a mum of three young children. I pride myself on being open and honest about all things birth related and that includes about your choices when at the stage of deciding which antenatal education option is best for you and your partner. 

As a midwife, I have taught birth preparation classes in the NHS setting, squeezing the topic into 4 hours. Even as a midwife I did not feel I could do justice to what couples should know in this short time frame. For this reason I set up my own classes, to provide couples with the choice of high quality private antenatal classes, held in great locations, but most importantly taught by a registered midwife. I have the time to teach you what you should know, and to answer all your questions.

Options for Antenatal classes in Colchester:

The NCT. The NCT have been providing birth education classes for 60 years, taught by antenatal birth educators. The website for Colchester is here: https://www.nct.org.uk/local-activities-meet-ups/region-east-england/colchester

The NHS. Colchester Hospital provide a range of sessions, which can be found on their website here: https://www.esneft.nhs.uk/service/pregnancy-and-birth-services/antenatal-classes/.

The Essex Midwife. I provide guaranteed midwife led antenatal classes in Colchester over five evenings, once a week, covering what I think you really need to know, to a depth where you are able to make truly informed decisions about your birth choices. 

I have a wealth of knowledge, from 13 years experience as a midwife, plus also being a mum to 3 young children. This gives the added bonus for my classes of not just professional, but personal advice for those crucial early days of parenthood. I include plenty of practical tips to help you care for your newborn.

My classes are fun, practical & non-judgemental, drawing on the latest evidence-based research. On the fifth and final class, I invite a local paediatric doctor to teach a session on "how to spot if your baby is unwell", along with a practical, hands on course covering baby first aid.

The venues are warm and welcoming, allowing you and your partner to grab a drink from the bar, get comfortable and learn. I create an atmosphere where people can relax, feel free to ask anything and make friends.

This approach: great venues, non-judgemental teaching from a midwife and a paediatrician, is unique in Colchester.

You can attend my 5 evening classes for just £150, including the practical session on baby first aid, taught by a paediatric doctor.

The Essex Midwife provides midwife led classes, as an alternative to NCT classes

This is me, Amber, with Meredith, my third child.

Reviews from my facebook page...

A recent review from Laura:

A recent review from Laura:

A recent review from Laura:

"My husband and I have just finished antenatal classes with Amber and have come away feeling knowledgable and empowered! 

It was very informative, interesting and Amber was friendly, comforting, relatable and has really put us at ease. We have made new friends during our sessions and it is lovely to have a support network to turn to during this new journey.

We knew very little going into the classes, but now feel ready to have a baby! Amber has passed on lots of useful tips, recommendations and the infant first aid was a real bonus for us!

We’ve already recommended The Essex Midwife to friends and will continue to do so. Can’t thank you enough! X"

A recent review from Jody:

A recent review from Laura:

A recent review from Laura:

"I can’t recommend Amber and her classes enough. 

I am the most nervous, squeamish person ever but after a wobble in the first session I feel so much better and more prepared for birth. Amber is lovely and really knows her stuff.

The laid back environment for the classes is great and not intimidating. 

The NHS doesn’t offer classes like this, so if you are debating if it’s worth it- it definitely is, you won’t get this experience or valuable information elsewhere! Thank you Amber xx"

Book now to secure a place on my antenatal classes

Guarantee your place on my antenatal class, for just £150, for 5 evening sessions. 

You and your partner will be able to relax, grab a drink, meet other pregnant couples, and learn.

I keep class sizes small and my classes are popular, so booking now is the only way to secure your place. Visit my Dates, Prices & Booking Page using the link below to secure a place.

Contacting The Essex Midwife

If you have any questions (big or small) about my antenatal classes and would like to contact me instantly via Messenger, please press the button below. I aim to get back to you within an hour, but occasionally this will be the next morning. Alternatively, please send me an email using amber@theessexmidwife.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

To see a list of FAQs about antenatal courses and about my services, please click below:

"When to start classes?" "What do you learn?" "What should I bring?"

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